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Can you beat the Bitcoin?

The Bitcoin started this year slightly below $1.000 and has so far gone up more than 700% since. The bullish trend is expected to continue in 2018 with multiple all-time-highs in the horizon.

Can you make more profit trading the Bitcoin, than passively holding it over the next 12 months?

We challenge you for an experiment and will give-away one free Bitcoin to the trader with the best performance.

Countdown to The Bitcoin Trading Challenge starts:








Your free chance to win Bitcoins and learn about investment strategies for trading crypto currencies. will partipate in and write articles about The Bitcoin Trading Challenge is a free community with more than 400 articles and videos for day traders in English, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian. will sponsor the Bitcoin Trading Challenge by participating with their top trader as well as writing about the participants and their performance during the contest.

PLATFORM will offer the infrastructure needed for The Bitcoin Trading Challenge and present the leaderboard

PLATFORM is an award-winning CFD trading platform offering crypto asset trading and based in the City of London

PLATFORM will sponsor the prize of one Bitcoin for the trading contest, track the development of the contest and provide a live scoreboard presenting the results of the top traders.

HENROY will give free tools, software and advice to all participants in The Bitcoin Trading Challenge

HENROY offers trading seminars and software to the serious day- and swing trader.

HENROY will sponsor the trading contest by giving participants free access to professional trading newsletters and software during the duration of the contest.

GoSocial will promote The Bitcoin Trading Challenge globally and sponsor e-mail platforms

GoSocial is an international social media marketing.

GoSocial will promote The Bitcoin Trading Challenge on social media and do PR for the contest. GoSocial will also provide it’s proprietary e-mail software for free during the duration of the contest.